Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Semester '12 Start Off

So I know I said in the previous post I made about a month ago or so, that I would be trying to post more in here. Well that was a lie. The plus side is that I have a lot of stuff going for me this season. I landed an internship last minute at Rockbridge Studios as a design intern, but most of my work consists of copywriting and blog posts for their website. It's my first internship, and everyone has been very nice and helpful, and I realize that they attend a lot of events.

This semester I'm working in a Digital Photography class, and a Visual Design and Typography class. I really enjoy my instructors in both classes; my visual design and type teacher has had a crap ton of experience in the industry, and my photography teacher is laid back and the stereotypical traditional photography graduate.

I took traditional photography back in high school, but since it's been 4+ years since working on a camera that's on manual, this digital photography class is a good refresher. I also got to work with a flash tube and modeling lights for the first time, and it was a fun and frustrating experience.

In visual design and typography, so far I've had to make a 3 page ad campaign for ice cream, a book sleeve for David Carson's End of Print, and now we'll be working on a 5 page editorial for San Francisco's Bay Area. This class is fun but very challenging. It definitely makes me plan out a lot more before executing my assignments, which I think is essential. I'm very used to procrastinating and rushing through it two days before it's due. Instead, this is teaching me to slow down more and look at everything, work on one piece and then the other until it's done.

So enough of this text block, I'm at my internship now and they're wanting me to make blog posts all day, so I figured this would be a good practice run before I go back to that.