Sunday, September 25, 2011

So Fall Semester Started

So this is going to kinda be a lengthy post just because it's been a while since I updated, but here it goes! If you don't wanna read any of this, just scroll on through I guess.

I'm already going into the fourth week of my classes, and I can't help but feel like this is going by incredibly fast. I only have two days of class too, which makes time go by even faster since my free time is going into my assignments and my part time job.

Well, my classes have been fun so far. In one class, I'm making web site prototypes, and I'm really enjoying it. Rather than coding, it's a class dedicated to the layouts and the aesthetics of websites, putting a focus on what you can do to create easy interactivity between the website and the user, and making it simple but still visually appealing. Our only assignment so far was re-designing the Netflix website. We spent two weeks doing that, and now we're moving onto our midterm where we have to come up with a website proposal and design it within 7-8 weeks.

My other classes have been well too. I'm taking a Motion Graphics 1 class, where we unfortunately are going to be putting our focus all into Flash and not After Effects as well. It's a little disappointing just because Flash is actually slowly getting the boot, as HTML5 makes its way in the scene. However, I managed to take it easy and have a little fun with the assignment, making a pregnant cartoon lady out of geometric shapes.

And then there's a photoshop class that I'm not too proud of just yet to post the assignments for, maybe next time.

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